My Driving Partner - Sabrina's Wedding in Johor Bharu

Few months back, we went down to Johor Bharu for one of our blogger friend wedding, Sabrina. Actually, plan awal yang nak pergi ke Johor Bharu (JB) cuma I, Mieza, Encik ST & Anis. However, I haven't sleep for the past few days and I betul-betul exhausted to drive down to JB. Then tergerak hati nak scrolling my Whatsapp contact and I came across to Fatin contact. I asked her for the help to drive us to Johor Bharu. Sebab dia pernah bilang yang dia suka driving.

Kiteorang supposed leave KL by midnight but end up we left KL quite late sebab ada orang extend renting my studio. Nak dijadikan cerita, kiteorang bertolak dari KL pukul 3am and dekat tengah-tengah jalan, tayar koyak. Terpaksa pakai tayar spare and we can't speed.

I drive dulu dari KL sampai Melaka and Fatin sambung dari Malacca till JB. Everyone is tired and sleeping in the kereta. Lepas wedding kat JB, she drove all the way back from JB to KL.

For your information, that's the first time she met my parents. As I mention earlier, it's all unplanned.

Congratulations Sabrina and Taufiq for your big day.

We went to Klebang Malacca on our way back to KL.

Muka budak teruja dapat main pasir. Since I just wanted to try out my new lens, we did a quick and simple photoshoot. Semua nya tak dirancang.

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